What services we offer:

Renovation and restoration

Using newest fibre light technologies we

provide services like laser cutting, welding or cleaning.

Continuous Support

Our database is full of new wonder every day.
Try look in our community forum for answers.

We provide secure cloud platform for every part of Industry.

Access Services

Scaffolding Services like never before.
Safety always come first and second is quality.
And we challange ourselves to do our best.


Experience the fusion of imagination and

expertise with Danpol Solutions.

Project Management

Always right there when we need to be.
From Start to finish, and way after.
ISO Certyfications!

Confined Space Rescue Services

Fast and 24/7 Respons.
ETA just 1 day after placing an order.
Fully equiped and certyfied.

Scaffolding Erection

Safety comes First!
Second is Quality.

Confined Space Rescue

Thermal Insulation Engineering

Construction Site Hoarding